How December has turned up at our doorsteps I will never know. Secretly, after a full semester’s worth of classes and working full-time,  there is nothing more that I want but to crawl into bed and take a month off. But the Christmas rush is officially here and before being able to do that, gifts for loved ones are in order. This year we’re going light – gifts that are practical yet desirable – gifts I consider people really wanting to receive.

When it comes to the man in my life, I think we would agree that he would rather receive what he asked for rather than me trying to be ”thoughtful and considerate”. Though men can be notoriously tricky to shop for, secretly all he wants is something he can use every day. Sharing 3 of the most practical brands I have loved this year – ones that I think would make the sweetest Christmas stocking stuffers! Classic and simple things appeal to any man. 🙂

1. This is Rella 

This is the second year I’m wearing This is Rella hats and I’ve always found their variety of unique designs to cater to individual tastes. While matchless good looks are important, as is consummate warmth and comfort. This is Rella‘s ”Crossed Cuff” is 10% cashmere and has a unique crossed pattern that adds the perfect flair to any look. It makes for the most flawless casual or classic look. To view This is Rella’s full catalogue, you can click here. It’s hard to pick a fave!

2. Memobottle

Staying hydrated hasn’t been my biggest forte, but since carrying around my A5 Memobottle, it’s been so much easier to carry water around alongside my class notebooks, laptop and personal belongings without taking up too much room. The slim design is what optimizes its usability. Quite honestly, Memobottles would make a great gift for anyone as they embody a sustainable design and, on a side note, reduce the use of single-use drink bottles. To view all of Memobottle‘s products, click here.

3. Vida Vida Leather Washbag

I’ve loved Vida Vida’s Maverick Leather Laptop Messenger bag and have used it daily. Tan is definitely my accessory colour. When I received the Men’s Leather Wash Bag with Strap, I was pleasantly surprised by how much more spacious it was than I thought. Spacious enough for everyday toiletry essentials and travel essentials, this beautiful item is both timeless and practical. The internal and external zippers, detachable strap and possibility for monogrammed initials are just some of the reasons to love it! To view all of Vida Vida’s products, click here.

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