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Milan Throwback

It is on weekends like this one, whilst my mind is preparing itself for the back-to-school craze, that it wanders off to past adventures. Espresso mornings, pastries and soccer games will always bring back memories of our times in Milan. Some Milan throwback pictures for you today 🙂

London, England

In my books, London is the city made for people watching. The first trip into the city was a scenic route from Aylesbury, one where I held hope that the day might be as relaxing as the train ride. The sounds I imagined the underground and buses would be like danced in my head as passengers …

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Lisbon, Portugal

“There’s a certain charm to it comes when it comes”, he suggested as we waited for the famous 28 tram. With a limited grasp of Portuguese and only a slightly ambiguous tram schedule at hand, we set out to do as the locals did when two trams in a row didn’t show: we patiently waited …

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