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A chiropractor’s primary objective is to promote spinal health and function. He or she focuses on the treatment of vertebral subluxations, which are a complex set of structural, functional, and pathological changes in the spinal column. These abnormalities affect the neural integrity of the body and influence organ system function.

Spinal manipulation

Spinal manipulation has been used in the treatment of several disorders. The effectiveness of chiropractic manipulation for back pain, neck pain, hypertension, and migraines has been studied. Many studies have shown that this treatment can improve overall health. The Global Summit brought together researchers from different fields to discuss the effectiveness of chiropractic manipulation for these conditions. The participants of the Global Summit were chosen based on their credentials. To attend, participants must have a PhD in chiropractic or a related field and be actively involved in research. Active research is defined as having published at least five peer-reviewed papers during the previous five years. They also must be appointed at an educational or academic institution. Although most participants were chiropractors, some researchers had no PhDs or were early career researchers.

Nutritional advice

Nutritional advice for chiropractic health is an important part of the chiropractic practice. In a recent study, nutrition and physical activity were the most frequently discussed topics between chiropractors and their patients. Overall, 80 to 99% of chiropractors offer nutritional advice to their patients.

Treatment options

A chiropractor can use a variety of treatment options to address back pain. For instance, he can use electrical muscle stimulation therapy to manipulate nerves. This therapy helps decrease pain and inflammation by increasing circulation in the affected area. It can also improve flexibility and quality of life.


An MRI scan can help chiropractors better understand the condition of their patients. Like X-rays and ultrasounds, MRI scans use a magnetic field to produce images of the inside of the body. The patient lies in a large tube for up to 20 minutes. The images provided by the MRI can be used to identify soft tissue injuries and other health conditions.


Chiropractors can identify problems such as osteoporosis and scoliosis using x-rays. The x-rays show the bone structure and the height of discs and can reveal any fractures or growths. Chiropractors also use x-rays to check the alignment of joints and bones.

Career growth

A career as a chiropractor is a rewarding choice. Not only will you help patients recover from injuries, but you will also help them become more active and confident. Chiropractors specialize in spine health and rehabilitation, and they are knowledgeable about conditions affecting the back, neck, and shoulders.

Chiropractic Health – Geelong Chiropractic Clinic

Chiropractic Health is a Geelong building inspections chiropractic clinic that will help you achieve better health. As a non-surgical, drug-free health care option, it is a natural solution to a variety of health problems. In addition, Chiropractic treatments are often covered by Workcover. The benefits of chiropractic care are numerous and they are effective in treating a variety of conditions.

Chiropractic is a non-surgical, non-drug prescribing health care profession

A chiropractor works with the bones, muscles, and nerves of the body to improve health. This natural, holistic approach to healthcare is different from traditional medicine, which often involves using drugs and surgery. Instead, chiropractors focus on making adjustments to the spinal column to improve the body’s function. Chiropractors are not medical doctors, but they may refer patients to other medical specialists.

It is a natural, holistic approach to health care

Chiropractic health is a natural, holistic approach to health-care that focuses on the spine and nervous system. This system is responsible for transmitting information from the brain to every part of the body, including the muscles. It can become compromised due to chronic stress or acute injury. This can result in joint misalignment and interfere with the transmission of information.

It is a safe, natural solution to treating a wide range of health conditions

Chiropractic Health is an alternative medicine practice that addresses the nervous system by manipulating specific trigger points in the body. The practice can be used to treat many different types of health conditions. It can also help you recover from injury and live a more active life.

It is available to Workcover

Those with a Workcover medical insurance policy may benefit from the services of a chiropractor. Chiropractors use manual therapy and spinal manipulation to treat musculoskeletal and spinal injuries. These techniques can help relieve pain and restore joint motion. Workcover can pay for these services, as long as the doctor treating the injured person approves the service.

It has a sports and nutrition focus

Geelong chiropractor Dr. Hannah Pickford is passionate about sports and nutrition care. She helps her patients prevent injuries and improve performance. She uses a holistic approach to help her patients. Geelong Chiropractic also offers nutrition and exercise advice, as well as lifestyle changes to promote better health.

It uses Dry Needling

Dry needling is a form of chiropractic therapy that uses small needles to treat the body. It is a non-surgical treatment and is effective for various conditions, including back pain. The treatment can help to alleviate daily aches and pains and is a good option for veterans. Chiropractors are trained to utilize dry needling techniques alongside spinal manipulation. These techniques can improve mobility and help veterans get back on their feet. Chiropractors can also recommend different exercises to help with pain management and healing.

It offers a range of services

Chiropractic Health offers a variety of services for patients who are suffering from injuries and other physical conditions. This type of healthcare is effective for all ages and can help children stay active and pain-free. Chiropractic care also includes spinal decompression, a painless technique that stretches your spine. Health on Earth’s team of chiropractors can also show you stretches and exercises for strengthening your back and spine.

Chiropractic Health – Chiropractor Geelong

If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Geelong, you’ve come to the right place. There are three top chiropractors in the city, and all of them are qualified to help you achieve optimum health and wellness. In this article, we’ll look at the qualifications and experience of each of them and what they offer.

Dr. Nicholas Robb

Dr. Nicholas Robb is a chiropractor with a special interest in treating chronic pain. He earned a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Clinical Chiropractic from RMIT University. He was born and raised in Geelong, where he attended Belmont High School and represented the local community in various sports. He believes that chiropractic care should also include nutrition, exercise, and massage. His expertise is based on these principles, and he uses a combination of these techniques to treat patients.

Dr. Sofia Mahoney

Dr. Sofia Mahoney, chiropractor Geelong, specializes in the manipulation of the joints of the body to restore them to their normal range of motion. This technique is helpful for many reasons, including reducing pressure on the joints and minimizing the risk of damage. This type of treatment focuses on the proper function of the body’s musculoskeletal system, which in turn helps other bodily systems to function properly.

Dr. Sofia Mahoney graduated with honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, in 2013. She also earned her undergraduate degree in Spanish at the University of Vermont. After her undergraduate studies, she lived for two years in southern Mexico. She is a 13th generation Vermonter and is thrilled to be practicing in her hometown. She enjoys hiking, gardening, and reading.

Dr. James Sidebottom

Dr. James Sidebottom is a dedicated chiropractor in Geelong and is committed to evidence-based chiropractic care. His goal is to provide quality care to his patients and to the Geelong community. His approach to chiropractic care involves a detailed examination process that involves a holistic approach. He explains to patients what changes are needed and why. He uses a range of chiropractic techniques, including lower force methods.

Dr. James Sidebottom has been practicing for over 10 years and has an exceptional track record. His extensive training has prepared him to provide a safe and effective chiropractic treatment. He is committed to continuing his education through research and continuing education. Throughout his practice, he strives to stay current on the latest advances in chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Health – Chiropractor Belmont

If you’re seeking chiropractic care for your back pain, there are many benefits to a chiropractic visit. Regular chiropractic visits can help you get back to your daily activities and improve your health. Chiropractors can help improve the function of your joints, improve your heart health, and improve your children’s health. For children, a visit to a chiropractor belmont can make returning to school much more comfortable.

Dr. Pate’s career as a chiropractor

Dr. Pate started his career in a pharmacy, dispensing pain medication. He became interested in chiropractic care after experiencing long-term back and hip pain. He noticed that many people were not getting better with the help of medications. So, he decided to go back to school to become a chiropractor.

In addition to his chiropractic expertise, Dr. Pate is also a board-certified acupuncturist. This specialty allows him to provide patients with a broad range of services that are aimed at reducing pain and restoring health. His practice also specializes in treating sports injuries and perinatal care.

Dr. Adam Wild’s experience as a chiropractor

A 5 year graduate of Macquarie University, Dr. Adam Wild is trained to adjust patients in a variety of techniques. He holds a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Master of Chiropractic, which he has continued to build upon as a chiropractor. His interests include the treatment of disc herniations, TMJ, and the musculoskeletal care of pregnant women. He also has attended numerous chiropractic conferences, including the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy and Motion Palpation Institute. Additionally, he has recently started a Master of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance.

Outside of the office, Dr. Adam enjoys watching Packers football, listening to lectures from the Great Course, and working out. In his free time, he spends time with his wife and two daughters. He also enjoys hiking, disc golf, and soccer.

Dr. Pate’s TMJ treatment

The pain associated with TMJ is a serious condition that can affect your teeth, jaw, and joints. In fact, it affects anywhere from 10 to 35 million people in the United States. It is more common in women than men, and was once believed to be caused by a bad bite. But a study by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research found no such link.

Despite being common, TMJ requires ongoing care for relief. Regular chiropractic treatments can reduce the pain and stiffness caused by TMJ. The joints in the jaw are linked to the muscles in the head, and when they are misaligned, it can cause pain.

BodyWorks Chiropractic PC

Bodyworks Chiropractic is a practice that provides high-quality chiropractic care with a compassionate touch and holistic therapeutic services. They treat a wide range of conditions, from chronic pain to mobility issues. Their philosophy is that a healthy body houses a healthy mind, and they strive to create a balance between the two. The chiropractors at Bodyworks Chiropractic perform chiropractic adjustments on the spine, focusing on the whole body.

Bodyworks Chiropractic PC focuses on helping patients return to their regular lives by restoring healthy function and eliminating pain. Some patients will experience quick relief after a few treatments, while others may require ongoing care. Long-term issues may involve degenerative changes in the spine, soft tissue damage, and muscle weakness. Patients can maintain proper spinal health by receiving periodic checkups. However, some people seek treatment only when their pain becomes unbearable.

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