This year it is as though the weather has been shifted by a season – summer was completely overcast and only in September has the sun come out. Thankfully, weekends on the canal are still a possibility. From all over the city, couples and families gather to take a walk and marvel at new condo developments that are rising on the side streets. These are weekends made for taking a breath, grabbing an iced coffee and being thankful for slow living.

Life has seemed to settle nicely lately – work and school are going well and I have no complaints. When the most stressful part of your day is your commute between the two, you have little to complain about. Still, I have been in need for a sturdy messenger bag that could suit all of my needs. Vida Vida generously gifted me one of their beautiful Maverick Leather Laptop Messenger bags and it has been meeting all of my needs! All of their bags are handmade and follow Fair trade principals. Their workshops are located in India and all of their facilities are established with standards that allow for proper working conditions for all their craftspeople. It is incredibly inspiring to see the workmanship of such talented workers brought to your door!

The Maverick bag suits my needs perfectly – it fits my laptop for school while I can also take it out to coffee shops on weekends without looking like I just got back from classes. I’m a lover of the classic postman look, a style I have always seen my Dad sporting.

One of my favourite features of the Maverick bag is the un-lined flap which makes for a very minimalistic design. Most messenger bags seem to have a bulkier look, while this one is light and full of character.

The two small outer pockets and brass knobs also add a sophisticated touch – great for small notebooks and school stationary.

As summer turns to autumn, this bag seems to have come in at the perfect time. The tan shade will be a perfect match to the hazel-coloured leaves and bare trees.

To view all of Vida Vida’s products, you can click here.

Hoping you’ll try out this lovely brand!

Photo credits to Michael Maw.



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